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SEO Trends 2017

SEO will always be an important topic for web design (despite what some may say), and 2017 is no different. Here are some of the interesting SEO trends for the new year.

1. More Featured Snippets

A featured snippet is an answer to a question you search for on Google that is displayed directly on the Google results page. It is pulled from a webpage, and includes the title and URL of that webpage.


What is a website silo?

This is something I only ran across recently and it's very interesting in it's potential impact for SEO.

In a website silo structure, you try to put all your SEO influence for one particular keyword phrase into ONE page.


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Fresh Look is looking for more opportunities to present our Business Workshops. Below is a list of our available workshops:

Available Workshops

  • 10 Steps to Develop an Online Presence
  • Use Social Media to Connect Your Business or Non-profit
  • What Makes an Effective Website
  • Internet Marketing on a Budget
  • How to get found on Google
  • Content Writing for Websites
  • Basics of Online Shopping Carts
  • How to Create an Email Newsletter

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